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2018 new products

Eyelash Factory Price Private Label 3D Strip Eyelash 3D Silk Lashes With Glue Strip OZK07

no glue mess up anymore when you use it.you just pull out the lashes
and stick the lashes on your eyes is okay,very convenient to use
,moreover,there is a spare glue strip in boxes,if you think the
first one strip is not sticky enough,you can change another one,
very easy,hope you like them.

Eyes are the windows of the soul, bright eyes vivid gaze is all women’s expectations.With women relatively small eyes and short eyelash, the creation of some makeup, use of Octavezone false eyelash would make makeup look more vivid, more attractive.On stage, or fashion makeup, false eyelash is the important makeup to face vivid and attractive.Wear false eyelashes as put on haute couture, revolution and imaginative way, to make women look more art,mystery and showily.Octave zone is to meet the make-up trend, make the false eyelashes from the stage into the daily life for women to bring new fashion choices and new self-confidence.

Octavezone has been committed to the development of eyelash.Octavezone found that mink hair false eyelashes is the ultimate secret of bright eyes full of pride in many different materials of eyelashes.In Octavezone owned more than 1000 false eyelashes, more than half are suitable for daily use of women.

Among the many Octavezone false eyelashes,The most eye-catching is Octavezone mink hair false eyelashes series.Over the years,Octavezone provide women with a series of different styles of false eyelashes, now has 130 more fashion and more vivid new mink false eyelash.These false eyelashes, changing an elegant, mysterious and dramatic makeup effect.Any false eyelash length can be according to the radian of different eyes, to bend or clip, born out of a belong to your own false eyelashes, and into the false eyelash with fascinating world.

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