100% Handmade Real Mink Fur False Eyelash 3D Strip Mink Lashes Thick Fake Faux Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes OZA17

100% Handmade Real Mink Fur False Eyelash 3D Strip Mink Lashes Thick Fake Faux Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes OZA17

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Get the full and natural look you have always dreamed of with help from our 100% authentic mink hair lashes.Octavezone mink lashes are handmade ,custom designed ,easy to apply and totally lightweight. The leading Manufacture of 100% mink lashes you will get lashes that offer a soft feathery feel ,and a natural looking shine. Other lashes can feel heavy on the eyelid ,but Octavezone Mink Eyelashes are super lightweight and offers a natural look. Our 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Octavezone mink is collected from free-range farms and recycled during the shedding seasons,it’s then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use. And absolutely no harm done to animal.Our lash band is custom designed and made out of cotton thread ,which allows for easy application and flexibility.

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Item Name: 100% Handmade Real Mink Fur False Eyelash 3D Strip Mink Lashes Thick Fake Faux Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes OZA17
Material:Siberian Mink Fur Hair
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Number: Mixed
Craft&Technique: Pure Handmade
Color: Natural Black, No Dyes Or Chemical Processing
Application: Daily Make Up, Dating, Bridal, Party,Night Out etc
Styles: Thick, Densed, Natural, Long, Criss&Cross, Wispy
*Hand Tied Natural Look Eyelash
*Polished Tip/Tipped Mellow Sexy Look Eyelash
*Hand Made Dolly Look Eyelash
*Flare/Individual Eyelash
Quality:*this False Eyelashes is 100% hand made
*They can make your eyes look bright and attractive,vivid
*For party and daily use
*False Eyelashes can help your eyes stand out
Brand Name: OctaveZone Or Private Your Label Model
Size: Any Size Or Custom Size
Length: 8MM-15MM Or Custom
Thickness: 0.10MM-0.25MM Or Custom
OEM/ODM: Welcome

Eyes are the windows of the soul, bright eyes vivid gaze is all women’s expectations.With women relatively small eyes and short eyelash, the creation of some makeup, use of Octavezone false eyelash would make makeup look more vivid, more attractive.On stage, or fashion makeup, false eyelash is the important makeup to face vivid and attractive.Wear false eyelashes as put on haute couture, revolution and imaginative way, to make women look more art,mystery and showily.Octave zone is to meet the make-up trend, make the false eyelashes from the stage into the daily life for women to bring new fashion choices and new self-confidence.

Octavezone has been committed to the development of eyelash.Octavezone found that mink hair false eyelashes is the ultimate secret of bright eyes full of pride in many different materials of eyelashes.In Octavezone owned more than 1000 false eyelashes, more than half are suitable for daily use of women.

Among the many Octavezone false eyelashes,The most eye-catching is Octavezone mink hair false eyelashes series.Over the years,Octavezone provide women with a series of different styles of false eyelashes, now has 130 more fashion and more vivid new mink false eyelash.These false eyelashes, changing an elegant, mysterious and dramatic makeup effect.Any false eyelash length can be according to the radian of different eyes, to bend or clip, born out of a belong to your own false eyelashes, and into the false eyelash with fascinating world.

How To Choose And Buy Eyelashes?
1.generally eyelash band can be divided into fishing line band, soft cotton band, litlle soft band , hard plastic band.

* soft cotton band lash: String together eyelash one by one with cotton and make up them one strip.When making up according to the personal skill and interests,Can do the appropriate pruning.Then use eyelash adhesive stick on the eyes.Soft cotton band lash is pure handmade, extremely soft,There is almost no feeling when use.And use the effect is very natural,It's very comfortable.But when bending the radian of false eyelash,may not be very good control,recommended novice more practice.

* litlle soft band:Its degree of hardness and softness is between hard plastic band and soft cotton band.It is used very convenient.Small defects is the use of false eyelash glue more than others.

* hard plastic band:It is usually for mass production manufacturing machine.Generally will have a foreign body sensation in wear.But this is a beautiful arc, don't need to be adjusted.And also not going to happen Eye end and eye head tilted or shift when fix.Also not easy to deformation.litlle soft band less comfort than fishing line band and soft cotton band.But for single-edged eyelid woman is a good choice,Because the eyes can be hold up by hard plastic band.

*fishing line band:Cosmetic effects better,transparent invisible,open a convenient bundles,also can keep the original radian after torn off,the shortcoming is easy to fall off and cock.Naked makeup in fashion,there is update of false eyelash style.String together eyelash one by one with transparent fishing line and make up them one strip,Suitable for less makeup girl,Very easy with herself eyelashes together.if the band too coarse, must draw thick eyeliner to hidden it,accidentally becomes a big thick makeup.Too bold black eyelash under the lights will be reflective,will look like plastic feeling.The material of high,can bring a lot of pressure to the eyelids, and wear it look very fake, not natural.Too soft false eyelashes,is not upright, roll become warped degrees will be less.Soft terrier natural and comfortable, eyelash infarction was fine and soft, paste the type can be pleasing to the eye, eye head, eye end is not easy to become warped up.So the most appropriate eyelashes is that hand gently squeeze up a soft feeling and little harder than yourself eyelashes.
2.The eyelashes too thick,too warped, it looks too fake.Remember to do not choose with poor itself condition a lot of false eyelash, than originally eyelash "thick, long," a little bit more good, try to take your eyelash, the closer to the truth.
3.Warpage degrees: good lashes will warped naturally, false eyelash growth curve similar to those of the eyelashes, flat in false eyelash wear up will feel stiff, there would be no aesthetic feeling.

4. Practical: if you want to be at the party, choose exaggerated false eyelashes, like set diamond, the eyelash of the plume, colour is gorgeous, etc.However, friends, lovers dating, had better not too dramatic, otherwise you will let a others feel not adapt.

5.Double-fold eyelid women how to choose false eyelashes
Generally double-fold eyelid women choose false eyelashes very easy,any style or any material can be used.I recommended you choose Octavezone soft cotton band mink hair false eyelashes.Octavezone soft cotton band mink hair false eyelashes is not easy to become warped up, though not transparent, but the poster is invisible, don't wear eyeliner is also OK, so you don't have to worry about eye makeup.
6.Single-edged eyelid or beady eye women how to choose lashes
Single-edged eyelid or beady eye women choose the band little thick and hard,very solft cotton band lashes will not suitable for them.Because the folds of the women usually belong to the eyelid fat more thick,very solft cotton band is hard to hold up their eyelids. beady eye women choose fishing line band Octavezone lashes, not only false eyelash can hold up , and can hold up a lot of women double-fold eyelid, as naturally occurring,such plus eyeliner makeup skills, often can let your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

Wear Lashes:Clips end reserved stem unveils false eyelash tweezers, dragging eyelash cannot separate.Cut off reserve band of the lashes at both ends.Eyelash on close to paste for length.Before applying glue to measure the length of the eye,if is too long need pruning false eyelashes.Eye end long from the tail trim,long and short nap two end.Eyelash curved back and forth many times,to make eyelash terrier soft lifted.When daub binder with forceps clipping the false eyelash carefully daub, attention to fine want even.The measured length can start with glue.Need not besmear too much, if not controlled, can use cotton buds with glue,Besmear again on the base of the false eyelash.Volume control is probably, so good false eyelash glue coating that is enough,Can put up very strong, and it is easy to clean up when dry.Can be appropriate in eye head, adding more quantity to reinforce eye end.If besmear too much on eyelids will overflow to the next, and eyelash.After good glue coating, don't immediately to the eyelids.But to blow 10 ~ 15 seconds, make glue half dry state, when the glue viscosity posted the biggest prison.After the eyelash glue, such as oxidation for 5 seconds to glue, glue location affect wear become warped degrees,Glue dries in the strongest adhesive force.It will be about 5 seconds later, the point of view of false eyelash stick to slightly tilted up,Don't be so smooth.There is a very important is that of false eyelash stick as close to own really eyelashes, look more realistic.So, stick to have like put false eyelashes to the eyelid and eyelashes border part of the same feeling,A hook from down to up to your feelings can stick false eyelash is near own really eyelashes.

Discharge makeup:Every time a lot of women discharging false eyelash, are made of hard pull, pull,The results of true eyelash also dropped several root!Such not only can make false eyelash deformation,Cannot be used again, also can make your eyelash hair follicle injured, serious may also Make your eyelash long not to come out, a dash of colour to the one, let me tell you the correct way to discharge false eyelashes!
1. Apply with cotton discharge makeup oil, to the false eyelash root and sliding in the eyelash root, to discharge makeup fluid infiltration false eyelashes,Technique must be sure to gently,don't too hard.

2. Then will be moistened eyes lips make-up remover cotton can be folded in half and cover on the eyelash, dissolved the false eyelash eyelash creams,
Let the separation or true and false eyelashes.

3. Stay for a while actually eyelash can fall off automatically, dear friends, don't to save a time off directly, as long as the will of pulling pain ~ ~ long eyelids will loose.

4. See false eyelashes have their fall, is better than pulling herself drop down, pull sometimes her true eyelashes will together.

5. See has dropped almost ~ ~ really quickly, you must be patient and removing the false eyelash not bother at all.
See unloaded eyelash to remove even the eyelashes glue can clear, by the way!

6. Then take a clean cotton pad, use discharge makeup oil poured on the make up cotton apply ~ in the eyes. Remember to apply the eyes to shut up ~ 5 seconds with a cotton pad after gestures to gently bring it.

7. Do not use emulsion glue, do not use the chemical glue, will damage the eyelash band.

8. Finally use make up cotton slice with right amount water,Dab eyes in the face for 5 seconds,apply 5 seconds off on the eye,gently remove cotton slice,take away the remaining residue.

Upkeep:Actually false eyelashes has gradually become an indispensable part of in the girl's makeup.But for the cleaning of false eyelash,And maintenance, many girl are baffled.Used once or twice after the false eyelash, if not completely clean, will lose the original shape.After discharge makeup false eyelash root residue of glue, make up cotton will be held at this time.Will make up cotton can be folded in half and third cut in half,spraying water balance,false eyelash on wide that half,Of course,don't the whole piece of false eyelash all coated in,false eyelash hair stay on make up cotton outside,or eyelash will deformation.Cover the narrow that make up cotton, only apply the false eyelash root as possible.The root of the compaction, it gently let liquid infiltrating the roots as much as possible.Pressure good cotton piece bending near eyelash original radian,cotton can be set up.About an hour later, gently uncovered cotton piece,right hand gently knead a false eyelash hair.Left hand nails a little dig out the root of the glue,Very easily will be separated.After the separation, the eyelashes clean, leaving two glue in cotton.Put back false eyelasges in its box, for next time use.


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