Eyelash Extension

I am launching an online store for Eyelash extension and related accessory, following are some of the product line I would like to launch my online business with.
I want my entire product to be labeled with my logo and advisory as required by import regulation of Canada.
Please give me your best price delivered Ottawa Canada for the following product also let me know if you can do drop ship and your MOQ? Can I make sample order for quality approval? Please be clear about your return policy and payment term?
L Curl Lashes: Lengths: 10mm, 13 and 15mm.
Eyelash Extension Flares: in 0.8 thicknesses
C Curl Flat Cashmere Eyelashes: lengths 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm and 15mm
D Curl Flat Cashmere Eyelashes: Lengths: 10mm, 12mm, 13mm and 15mm
Eyelash Extension Application Tools: Brow Magik – Eyebrow Glue / disposable glue rings / Elite Agent Bond Extra Strong Glue/ EURO-PRO European Formula Glue/ Eyelash Extension Gel Patches/ Eyelash Extension Glue Pad Holder/ Eyelash Extension Mascara Brushes/ Insta-Lash Eyelash Extension Glue/ Lash Batonnets- Microbrushes/ Lash LOCK – Eyelash Extension Black Sealer/ Lash Maps Under Eye Lash Extension Patches/ Lash Prep-Lash Extension Glue Primer/ Lash-Me-Off! Eyelash Glue Remover/ Micropore Medical Tape/ NATURPRIM-Lash Primer and Cleanser/ Professional 90 degree VOLUME TWEEZERS/ Reusable Under Eye Silicone Patches/ Sensit-Eye Glue for Sensitive Eyes/ Vetus Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions
Mix Trays / Volume Lashes / Curl Eyelashes /C Curl Eyelashes / D Curl Eyelashes /J Curl Eyelashes
Under Eye Patches/Eyebrow Glue/Glues and Removers/Disposable Glue Pads/Eyelash Extension Application Tools/Eyelash Application Prep Solutions
As a manufacturer I would like if you can suggest on how should I go about selecting product verity in this industry so that I can offer something unique and innovative to the same market and be competitive.
Looking forward to hear from you soon,
Thanks you


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