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We have been studying the false eyelash many years.At first,we make syntheic lashes and human hair lashes.We tried many kinds of hair do eyelashes.In 2003, we began to research and development of mink lashes,after repeated search and experiment, we successfully developed mink false eyelashes, and has been improved, and we has been in the industry-leading position.We have successfully developed mink eyelash,is a great change in the history of the eyelashes.but the mink eyelash high raw material prices, labor is expensive, so the mink eyelash eyelash price is much higher than other material.At first rivals said our eyelashes is more precious than gold, no one will buy.But now more and more customers to buy our mink eyelash, because our make up eyelashes can make them more beautiful.and false eyelash becomes more and more important of cosmetics.
I believe that our mink eyelash will change the world, because people pursue the beauty of the footsteps never stop.
We are willing to work with you hand in hand let mink lashes walking into the life of ordinary people.and make the world more beautiful.

Octavezone Eyelashes Factory
1.Wholesale 3D mink eyelash,3D Silk Eyelashes,Mink Eyelash,Silk Eyelashes,Eyelashes Extension,Horse Hair Lashes,Human Hair Lashes ., etc.
2.About 1000 Styles Lashes For You Choose .
3.We Can Custom Private Label For Lashes Boxes,.Custom Private Labels | Logo / Logo Stickers
4.Super low Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
3.Super Fast Shipping,
5.Too many beauty boxes styles to choose
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How to Apply and To Remove?

1)Gently remove the eyelashes from the plastic tray and check size of the eyelash by aligning it with your eyelash line
2)If the eyelash extends past the corner of the eye, carefully trim the excess .
3)Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the cotton band of the eyelash and wait 15-20 seconds.
4)Apply eyelash to the eyelid as close to the natural eyelash line as possible.
5)Press down gently on the eyelash to allow the glue to dry.

To Remove :
-Gently remove the eyelash holding it from the outer to the inner of the eye.

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